E V E N T S​

June, 24 

Saint Petersburg


Welcome to my site! I'm Anastasia Antropova, classical singer, pianist and teacher.


I value personal growth. For me, learning and performing music is the perfect, exacting, yet delightfully undefined laboratory for infinite improvement. I have started late in piano. I sang in a choir since I was five, than I composed music, but I had not considered piano as a full-time study until I was sixteen. I started studying piano in a college on a recommendation by a music teacher. Soon I fell in love with beauty and possibility of the piano music. This is when I realized that piano performance was a vocation of lifetime learning. I wanted to make it my vocation together with voice.


Studying on my own made me appreciate the importance of being an independent artist. I have also realized that music is more than just a study subject or the way to promote myself. It is about connection and love. I am not content only to learn and perform, I want to share what I learn. The further I advance myself, the deeper the understanding I can share with others, onstage or in my music studio.