B i o g r a p h y

Anastasia Antropova is a concert pianist, singer and vocal coach. She is interested both in improving her skills and in teaching others. Studying both piano and voice deeply gives her better understanding nature of music and connection and helps both pianists and singers. She performes in the venues of Russia, Italy, USA. She won numerous international piano, singing and composition competitions.


Anastasia graduated from Saint Petersburg Conservatory in 2017 (MM in Piano Performance) and went to Europe to continued mastering her piano skills with Vovka Ashkenazy. Starting learning singing with Svetlana Volkova she continued with italian school with Antonio Carangelo and than in Scuola di Musica di Milano. She had a coaching masterclass with Enza Ferrari and lessons with Franca Fabbri, legends of italian opera art. She also attended multiple masterclasses, including Belcanto Academy in Vienna, Mozarteum Summer School with Andrea Bonnata,  International Dvorak Opera Masterclasses, Masterclasses with Daniel Pollack in Tallin and others. Among the recent competitions are Citta d’Albenga International Music Competition, 2nd prize (Albenga, Italy, 2018), International Vittoria Catta Rigetti Music Award, 3rd prize (Cortemiglia, Italy, 2016). Most recent solo performance venues included Casa Verdi  Sala Santa Maria , Palazzina Liberty in Italy, Academic Capella and Steinway Piano Gallery in Saint Petersburg. 


"I value personal growth. For me, learning and performing music is the perfect, exacting, yet delightfully undefined laboratory for infinite improvement. I have started late in piano. I sang in a choir since I was five, than I composed music, but I had not considered piano as a full-time study until I was sixteen. I started studying piano in a college on a recommendation by a music teacher. Soon I fell in love with beauty and possibility of the piano music. This is when I realized that piano performance was a vocation of lifetime learning. I wanted to make it my vocation together with voice. Studying on my own made me appreciate the importance of being an independent artist. I have also realized that music is more than just a study subject or the way to promote myself. It is about connection and love. I am not content only to learn and perform, I want to share what I learn. The further I advance myself, the deeper the understanding I can share with others."


In 2020 Anastasia released her debut album of Chopin’s late works. Later in 2020 she organized her music school Antropova Studio of Arts. 


In 2021 Anastasia was admitted to Master Degree Program of Voice performance to Chicago School of Performing Arts (Roosevelt University). She currently works on her other musical and educational projects and resides with her family in Chicago and Saint-Petersburg.